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When we talk about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a lot of your ranking score on Google will depend on the content and structure on your site. As a default, Google prefers sites that are structured in a user-friendly way, with pages full of relevant information and keywords for your target market. At TMD, we make sure to build our promoted sites in a way that supports complete optimization for Google.

In general, promotion through Google is based on two main strategies: organic (SEO) and paid (sponsored content). It’s important to understand both before starting your campaign. We’d be happy to talk and consult you!

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Two Main Strategies

We have extensive experience and ability with both strategies, however specifically for Google, our recommended strategy is undoubtedly organic. With organic promotion, your site presence on the first pages of Google will stay for a lot longer and usually at a cheaper overall price than paid promotion. A lot of the time, paid promotion is used in short term campaigns (for example: summer sale).

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Organic or Paid?

So what’s the difference? Putting it simply, organic promotion requires more time and effort with optimizing your site (SEO) for long term results. Paid promotion provides you with instant exposure for a short term and works on a pay-per-click (PPC) model, letting you pay only if your ad receives clicks. Click here to learn more about how paid promotion works on google

Organic Promotion

Long term promotion that develops your business presence and exposure.

Short term promotion with instant results based on a pay-per-click (PPC) model.

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