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We’ve evolved towards many different fields in the digital market. Thanks to the 18 years of experience we’ve acquired at TMD, we’re proud to offer a wide range of digital services and solutions for you rbusiness. Even if what you need doesn’t appear on our site, contact us and take our advice! We’re always happy to help.

Social Media Marketing

We create and manage campaigns on your selected social media platforms.


Google Campaigns & SEO

Help your potential customers find you by fully optimizing your site for Google.


Statistical Analysis

We help you understand your visitors and how to convert them into paying customers.


Digital Consulting

We give you explanations and advice on the most common marketing strategies.


Web design

We style your website in the way that speaks loudest to your target audience.


Content Marketing

We help you build your content in the way that applies most to your target audience.


Graphic Design​​

We design branded graphics such as logos, banners and most of what you'd request.



We compare and analyse your competitors, keywords, average marketing prices etc.



We create your campaigns with extra attention towards your business targets.

Rise to the top

Increase Sales

With the help of our developed tools and experience, we’ll boost the chances of potential customers deciding on you and not your competitors.

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Conversion Experts

We’ve developed strategies specifically geared towards increasing conversion rates for all our campaigns. We save you from years of trial and error!

try, try again

Best Practices

In 18 years, we’ve naturally developed an effective work strategy. However, we will never stop improving the quality of our services! We only succeed if you do.


We give real answers

Ask Us Anything

We work across all social media platforms, however our best development and our most effective campaigns are on Facebook and Instagram.

This is quite a common question with no simple answer. Technically, yes, because the more exposure your business has, the more chances it has of potential customers interacting with it. But watch out! You should focus one one field at a time and optimize it properly before you branch out and scatter your efforts.

Yes, but unfortunately good content is only a small part of the SEO score of your website. There are many strategies and common practices you should apply in addition to good content in order to develop a powerful presence on search engines.

No (unless you have tens of thousands of dollars to splash 😅). And whoever answers with a yes, you can be pretty sure the service won’t be carried out as promised. If creating and boosting a business was easy and quick, we’d all be rich!

Not completely – there are still certain fields that utilize print. It’s just not as financially efficient for us as the internet is.

It doesn’t matter what market we’re talking about, this question always has the same answer: investigate, learn, and make knowledge-based decisions. The biggest mistake newbies can make is jump into a project without any knowledge or plan of any sort. This is how you waste more money than you need on trial and error! Of course, there are many more elements to it than can be written in one paragraph. Why not reach out and learn more?

Depends what for. We could incorporate all, some, or just one of our listed services when working with our clients. It all depends on what their needs are. We won’t make you pay for a service you don’t really need. As such, we’d never recommend you to take a service without providing you full information on exactly how it works.

Depends how you define success 😋 – that’s a tough question! We don’t like admitting that sometimes campaigns don’t take off, but it’s the painful truth. The digital market is one that is fast paced and ever-changing, so as a principle we never promise or guarantee a certain result. Most of the time our campaigns run as we expect, but once in a while there are unexpected situations that may affect the effectiveness of campaign results.

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