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In our current era, business that are serious about their image will create business pages at least in Facebook and Instagram. When a business uses social media to communicate with its audience it turns the marketing much more personal, creating real interactions with visitors and potential customers.

Thanks to this interactive strategy, it turns out the businesses with the most effective social media marketing campaigns are the ones that build the most trust and communicate with their audience on a regular basis. Due to social media marketing not being a new medium anymore, consumers simply ignore ads with empty content. Engage your audience!

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Pretty much our entire world is living inside social media. Just a website doesn’t suffice anymore! Most potential customers that take an interest in your business will look for social profiles connecting to it, investigating the legitimacy and personality of your business.

As the years go by, we’ve been following social media platforms and their evolution. Now, this medium is one of the most popular for business advertising! We’d be happy to accompany and help you build the suitable image your business needs through the most popular social media platforms.

Company Strengths at a glance

Our Strong Points

We have extensive experience and ability in most social media. However, our strongest area (and most effective) is Facebook. Thanks to insanely advanced targeting and interest groups, it’s possible to reach any target audience you want with massive exposure (depending on your budget). Instagram serves as a sort of “portfolio” for your business. It allows you to display a more personal side of the business and create more live interactions with your current and potential customers. Contact us if you’re unsure on where to start!

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Tailor-Made Digital Marketing

Customized Social Media Strategy

With all our experience, we’ve developed a winning marketing strategy that adjusts itself to your business. Thanks to increasing brand awareness and attractive content tailored to your audience, potential customers will take interest in your social profiles.

In addition, gathering statistics as your campaigns run allows us to consistently improve and polish the efficiency of your campaigns.

custom made Marketing Plans

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Usually when you carry out social media marketing, there are two main methods that you probably already heard about: organic marketing and paid marketing (this applies to Google too). Organic marketing is a slow process with long term results while paid marketing is a quick process with short term and almost immediate results.

Paid marketing usually involves using the advertising tools a chosen platform has to offer, and paying them directly to expose your content. In contrast, organic marketing usually refers to the slow, consistent development of the business through interaction, uploading posts, active community involvement, etc.

Organic Marketing

Long term marketing plan that develops your business image and increases brand awareness.

Paid marketing

Short term marketing plan with very specific audience target for the business targets

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